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Issue : Via proxy some times occur an error "DNS Lookup for safesqddns.com failed".



Root Causes

  1. If the FQDN of the website is incorrect.
  2. Local DNS server service is not running.
  3. If forwader DNS server not able to resolve the query.
  4. If network service is down.


If FQDN of the website is incorrect you will face DNS failure issue to that particular website while accessing via proxy.So you should have to enter correct FQDN of that particular website.

If FQDN of particular website is correct but local DNS server service is not running still you can face DNS failure issue.So you make sure about local DNS server service is running.

Run below commands to verify DNS server service

nslookup (FQDN of site)

example :

nslookup www.safesquiddns.com


Non-authoritative answer:
www.safesquiddns.com       canonical name = safesquiddns.com.
Name:   safesquiddns.com

If the website is not able to resolve

root@dev:~# nslookup www.safesquiddns.com

    • server can't find test.safesquiddns.com: NXDOMAIN