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Access the SafeSquid interface

Go to configure page

Restrict remote applicationsSlide1 (1).PNG

Go to Real time content security

AnydeskSlide1 (1).PNG
AnydeskSlide1 (2).PNG
AnydeskSlide1 (3).PNG
AnydeskSlide1 (4).PNG
Restrict anydeskSlide1 (7).PNG
AnydeskSlide1 (9).PNG
AnydeskSlide1 (7).PNG
Restrict any deskSlide1 (10).PNG
Any deskSlide1 (10).PNG

Configuration on anydesk

  • Set proxy on anydesk application
  • If authentication is enabled  you have to specify Username and Password on any desk application.
  • Anydesk should not take auto proxy settings : If you set proxy in IE browser or chrome browser and you select "Try to detect the proxy server" option on anydesk, it should not take proxy automatically. You must have to configure proxy on anydesk application.