Base test ALL the features enabled 1000 concurrent connections 1L txns 2017.0817.1602.3 release: concurrency levels and robot population

This information is based on the client-side measurements.

1. concurrent HTTP/TCP connections

Connection state Number of times Mean concurrency level
entered left
open 97534.00 96162.00 1250.12
established 97495.00 96158.00 1238.97
idle 87898.00 86586.00 1191.97
concurrent HTTP/TCP connection level trace


2. population level

Number of agents Mean population level
created destroyed
60.00 0.00 60.00
population level trace

Populus is a set of all live robot or server agents. While alive, an agent may participate in HTTP transactions or remain idle.

3. concurrent HTTP transactions

Transaction state Number of times Mean concurrency level
entered left
active 197561.00 197501.00 60.04
waiting 0.00 0.00 0.00
concurrent HTTP transaction level trace