Allow Specific YouTube Channel and its Playlist

From Secure Web Gateway


Client Scenario

Ganpat University provides graduate programs to various colleges. Ganpat University distributes internet to there students. Ganpat University want to block entire for there students, but wants some of the youTube channels allowed which are helpful for students.

Ganpat University challenges are:

  • All Students should not be allowed to access If any student try to access youTube then he/she should get blocked template.
  • Only few of the specified youTube channel and its playlist should be allowed. These youTube channel contains educational and knowledge sharing videos.


You can acheive this by creating policy in Request Profiles Section and bind it with policies in Access Profiles Section.


  • HTTPS Inspection should be enabled in SafeSquid. If not enabled, you can check our document - How to enable HTTPS Inspection.
  • You need YouTube Channel-ID and List-ID of playlist you want to allow. You have to extract Channel-ID and List-ID of the playlist from YouTube URL before creating rules in SafeSquid.

Channel-ID and List-ID Extraction

Extract Channel-ID from YouTube Channel


1. Open the YouTube channel you want to Allow. Here we have taken CBT Nuggets Channel as an example.
 Here you will get Channel-ID from the referer URL. Channel-ID is the preceding portion of the URL after 'channel/' part. Save this part on notepad for reference.

CBT Nuggets Channel URL:
Channel-ID: UClIFqsmxnwVNNlsvjH1D1Aw

Select any playlist of this Channel and click on PLAY ALL link on the page as shown below. Here we have selected playlist CBT Nuggets Webinars.

YouTube Allow Channel (1).PNG

Extract List-ID from YouTube Channel

2. You can extract List-ID from the selected playlist.
  List-ID is the preceding portion of the URL after '&list=' part. Save this part on notepad for reference.

 In our case we have taken playlist CBT Nuggets Webinars and its URL is
 Extracted List-ID: PLQVJk9oC5JKo_bMWae3xsavpPMKAzIeGb

YouTube Allow Channel (2).PNG

 You can check any videos from the playlist. You will observe every Video in the playlist contain same List-ID.
 URL for next video in CBT Nuggets Webinars playlist:
 List-ID: PLQVJk9oC5JKo_bMWae3xsavpPMKAzIeGb

YouTube Allow Channel (3).PNG


Policy Creation

Create Policy in Request Types Section

3. After extracting the Channel-ID and List-ID we have to create policies in SafeSquid.
  Go to SafeSquid Web-GUI and click on Configure to create Policies.

YouTube Allow Channel (4).PNG


4. Click on Custom Settings to open Request Types Section.

YouTube Allow Channel (5).PNG


5. Click on Request Types Section to create the policy.

YouTube Allow Channel (6).PNG


6. Make sure the Global of Request Types Section is Enabled to True.

YouTube Allow Channel (7).PNG


7. Click on Request Types tab to create new policy.

YouTube Allow Channel (8).PNG


8. Insert appropriate comment for future use.

YouTube Allow Channel (9).PNG


9. You have to select Youtube Channels in Request Types field.

YouTube Allow Channel (10).PNG


10. You have to add Channel-ID and List-Id in File Field and Save the policy. You have already saved them in notepad for you reference.
  Here for CBT Nuggets channel we added (UClIFqsmxnwVNNlsvjH1D1Aw|PLQVJk9oC5JKo_bMWae3xsavpPMKAzIeGb) in File field.

YouTube Allow Channel (11).PNG


11. Create new Request Types as NUGGET CHANNEL in Added Request Types Field.

YouTube Allow Channel (12).PNG


12. Save the Policy Created in Request Types Section.

YouTube Allow Channel (13).PNG

Create Policy in Access Profiles Section

13. Go to Access Profiles section to bind with Profiles.

YouTube Allow Channel (14).PNG


14. Edit these two default policies with profiles name BLOCK YOUTUBE CHANNEL as shown below.
 Note: You can create two new policies, if you don’t want to modify default policies.

YouTube Allow Channel (15).PNG


15. Edit the 1st Policy. Set Enabled to TRUE and Save the Policy.

YouTube Allow Channel (16).PNG


16. Edit the 2nd Policy. Set this policy Enabled to TRUE.

YouTube Allow Channel (17).PNG


17. Insert appropriate comment for future use.

YouTube Allow Channel (18).PNG


18. You have to select NUGGET CHANNEL in Request Types field which we have created in Step #10. Save the Policy.

YouTube Allow Channel (19).PNG


19. You should check the modified Policies after saving to confirm whether its created properly or not.

YouTube Allow Channel (20).PNG


Test the Scenario

 Now try to open videos other than CBT Nuggets Webinars playlist of YouTube Channel CBT Nuggets.
 All the other videos will be blocked and below Template shown.

YouTube Allow Channel (21).PNG

You can check the videos from CBT Nuggets Webinars playlist of CBT Nuggets channel. Only these videos will be allowed.

Note :

  • This configuration will work only for videos sourced from the channel page and not from the feeds links or YouTube Videos embedded in website.
  • To allow all the videos of any specific YouTube Channel you have to insert List-ID's (of every playlists in that channel) and file part (of each individual unlisted videos) of URL in the File field of Request Types Section.