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              Category Name                                                                                            Description 
ads  Advert servers and banned URLs
advice the forums, discussion boards and the question-answer type web sites 
Anonymous VPN Sites providing vpn services to the public. The focus is on vpn sites used to hide the origin of the traffic, f.e. tor nodes
antispyware Sites that remove spyware
astrology All sites about astrology, horoscopes, numerology, palm reading and so on; sites that offer services to fortell the future.
Automobiles Sites that all related to  (Cars,Bikes,Planes, Boats etc.,)  Included are vendor sites, resellers, fan and hobby pages as well as and suppliers
banking the web sites belonging to all the banks around the world which provide the online access. 
blogs personal websites as well as all types of blogs: individual, group and even company ones. 
business This is a catch-all category which covers the corporate web sites which typically do not belong to any other category.
chat Sites with chat rooms etc
childcare Sites to do with childcare
computersandsoftware the web sites offering the computer software, typically either opensource, freeware or shareware .
cooking Sites about  concerning food ,food preparation and all about  cooking 
drugs The “Medicine/Alcohol/Cigars” web sites, which are discussing the use or selling the (legal) medical drugs or tobacco products
Dynamic(Dialup) Addresses All domains where people login obtaining a dynamic IP address.
ecommerce The known online stores. An web site is considered an online store if it sells goods or service online.
education the web sites belonging to official education institutions, including those outside the .edu domain.
entertainment websites that provide information related to artistic activities, museums, humor and as well as websites that review  movies
filesharing the file sharing web sites where a user could upload a file or files, and share them with the others.
finance Sites about finance in general and all about Insurance,Moneylending, Realestate,Trading, and stock exchange and home page of banking companies
gambling The gambling web sites. Those are the “online casino” or “online lottery” type web sites which typically require 
games Web pages which provide online games – typically Adobe Flash or JAVA applets.
government the government web sites, including the government institutions,embassies and office web sites.
hacking the web sites providing the hacking tools, articles and discussion platforms for the hackers.
health websites associated with medical institutions, websites related to disease prevention and treatment, hygiene and other personal grooming related stuff
hobbies websites that present resources related to activities typically performed during an individual’s free time
hosting free and commercial website hosting services
illegal The web sites related to software piracy, including:Peer to peer (BitTorrent, emule, DC++) 
instant messaging the instant messaging and chat web sites, which allow users to chat in real time.
Internet Phone Sites that enable user to phone via the Internet. Any site where users can voice-chat with each other.
Internet Service Provider Home pages of Internet Service Providers. Sites of companies offering webspace only are now being added, too
jewelry Sites about and selling jewelry
jobsearch the websites presenting job boards, job-related classified ads and career opportunities.
leisure websites where individuals tend to spend long amounts of time. 
Library Online libraries and sites where you can read e-books.
liquor Sites of breweries, wineries and destilleries. This category also covers sites that explain how to make beer, wines and spirits.
marketing Sites about marketing products
maturecontent the content which was labeled by the web site creator as requiring the mature audience and sites relating to sexuality and educational information about sexuality.
medical Sites provide medical info and medical facilities as well as hospitals  
Military Sites of military facilities or related to the armed forces.
mobile-phone stuff for mobile/cell phones
multimedia Sites that offer the download of music, information about music groups or music in general and  Sites offering podcasts or podcast services, includes audio books.
narcotics the web sites sharing the information about the narcotics such as recreational and illegal drugs.
naturism Sites that contain nude pictures and/or promote a nude lifestyle
news the news web sites which provide text and video news.It strives to cover both global and local news web sites
online dating the online dating sites – paid and free - where users can search for users person using some criteria.
online pay The web sites offering the online payments or money transfers  like PayPal or Moneybookers.
onlineauctions Online auctions
pets All topics concerning pets
phishing Sites attempting to trick people into giving out private information.
photosonline the photo sharing web sites, whose primary purpose is to let the users to share the photos.
Politics Sites of political parties, political organisations and associations; sites with political discussions.
pornography sites containing erotic and pornography. It includes both paid and free sites.
portals websites that aggregate information from multiple sources and various domains, and that usually offer features such as search engines, e-mail, news and entertainment information.
radiomusic websites that offer Internet music streaming services, from online radio stations to websites that provide on demand (free or paid) audio content.
regionaltlds the web sites which belong to a regional top level domain, i.e. ending with .com, .org or so.
religious the web sites promoting a religion or sect. Also cover the discussion forums related to one or multiple religions.
Remote Control Sites offering the service to remotely access computers, especially (but not limited to going) through firewalls. This does not cover traditional VPN.
searchengines the search engine web sites such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on.
social networks the social network web sites. This include,,, etc.
sports websites that offer sports information, news and tutorials.
spyware Sites that try to actively install software or lure the user in doing so in order to spy the surfing behaviour (or worse). The home calling sites where the collected information is 
suicide the web sites promoting, offering or advocating the suicide. It does not cover the suicide prevention clinics.
tabloids This category is mainly designed for soft pornography and celebrity gossip sites
Tracker Sites keeping an eye on where you surf and what you do in a passive manner. Covers web bugs, counters and other tracking mechanisms in web pages that do not interfere 
travel websites that present travel offers, travel equipment as well as travel destination reviews and ratings.
updatesites Sites where software updates are downloaded from including virus sigs  and List to allow necessary downloads from vendors.
vacation Sites about going on holiday 
video The web pages which host various videos or photos, either uploaded by users or provided by various content providers.
violence This category is catch-all for the “Hate, Violence, Racism” category, and is intended to block
violentcartoons the web sites discussing, sharing and offering the violent cartoons or violent manga
virusinfected Sites who host virus infected files
weapons the web sites offering the weapons for sale or exchange, manufacture or usage.
weather Weather news sites and weather related
web proxy   Web pages which provide web proxy service.
Web TV Sites offering TV streams via Internet.
webmail websites that provide e-mail functionality as a web application.