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In this world of ubiquitous computers and persistent threats from hackers, protecting your computer is a must.  The key pathway through which malware attacks the system is the Internet and its popular service, the Web.

There are numerous ways to protect and remove malware from our computers. No one method is enough to ensure your computer is secure. The more layers of defense, the harder for hackers to use your computer. Here are three simple ways to protect your computer,Configure....

  •  SvScan Antivirus
  •  ClamAV Antivirus
  •  Icap Antivirus


To scan the viruses for HTTPS websites HTTPS Inspection should be enabled in SafeSquid. If not enabled, you can check our document - How to enable HTTPS Inspection


SvScan is a built in module in SafeSquid that protects the users against viruses, Trojans, malware and other threats.

It is scanning both HTTP and HTTPS traffic.

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Clam antivirus

Clam antivirus is extra layer of security beside SvScan which protects you from viruses .ClamAV is an open source anti-virus engine that is built to detect viruses, trojans, malware and other threats. It supports multiple file formats (documents, executables or archives), utilizes multi-thread scanner features. With this antivirus feature you can detect and block files containing viruses known to the ClamAV daemon scanner.You can integrate your own ClamAV server here.

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ICAP antivirus

ICAP antivirus perform virus scanning, content modification and blocking inappropriate content. You can integrate different types of ICAP servers.

Here you can integrate the SafeSquid with any ICAP (Internet Content Adaptation Protocol) based network services like.

Dr. Web’s ICAP based antivirus

In this scheme, a client interacts with an HTTP server through a proxy server. The proxy server is a client of the ICAP server (Dr.Web ICAPD).

Dr.Web ICAPDmodule is a client of Dr.Web Daemon. Dr.Web ICAPDallows to perform virus scanning (using Dr.Web Daemon) of all HTTP traffic coming from the HTTP server and transmitted by the proxy server via the ICAP protocol. The given scheme does not allow FTP traffic scanning.

Note that HTTPS traffic is not scanned as it is encrypted and cannot be decrypted without the public key of the HTTPS server.


Kaspersky Antivirus for Proxy Server

Kaspersky Anti-Virus provides basic protection for your computer.

In includes antivirus file, software and website scan, anti-phishing, protection against ransomware, control over internet traffic, vulnerability search,etc.

Symantec Scan Engine

Trend Micro IWSS

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