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Language Selection  

English is the default selected language.Change it only, if you are not very comfortable with English.

Language Selection.png

Country Selection 

Select your country as the location.This selection is related to ensure correct time settings of the system.

Country selection.png

Keyboard layout Selection 

Select the keyboard layout that matches the origin of the keyboard attached to the system.

Keyboard selection.png

Network Configuration 

    Network interface selection:This will show you the  all network interfaces present in your system.Select the interface that has Internet connectivity as the primary


Assign IP address to the primary interface

IP address.PNG

Setting up the Netmask


Gateway Setting

Mention your Gateway settings

Mention DNS

Mention DNS server IP
Dns setup.png

Hostname of Your Server 

Setting the correct hostname of your gateway is very important, if you plan to integrate it with your active directory.
The default host name is SWG. You can give any hostname as per your choice other than safesquid.That means hostname never be safesquid.


Domain name Setting 

The domain name setting is also very important, if you plan to integrate it with your active directory.

Domain name.png

NTP server Configuration

By default, ntp server has been set to . If you have your own ntp server, then you may set to that address for clock synchronization between computer systems to some time reference.


Choose a mirror of the Ubuntu archive

Select the country for ubuntu archive to download required packages

Choose a mirror of the ubuntu archive.png

HTTP proxy Setup

This field should be blank

Http proxy.png

Set up users and passwords

Create a username and password. You will login with this username and password after the installation  is complete.

Setup users and passwords.png

Username for your account 

By default the filed is empty, select the username for Login. Here i am given as administrator

Username for your account.png

Choose password for new user

Choose the strong password the user

Choose password for new user.png

Re-enter password

confirm the password. It should match with the password given in previous step

Re-enter password.png

Encrypt your home directory

Select whether you want encrypt your home directory or not 

Encrypt your home directory.png

Configure the Clock

Select the clock based on the location 


Partition disks

select yes to manage partitions 

Partition disks.png

Size of Guided Partition

Specify the size of hard disk provided 

Size of Guided Partition.png

Select Method of Partition

Here you will five options 

  • Guided partitioning
  • configure software raid
  • configure local volume manager
  • configure encrypted volumes
  • configure iscsi volumes

Select partition to modify its settings

If you don't want to modify default partitions then, select Finish Partitioning and write changes to the disk, 

Select Method of Partition.png

List of Partitions

Here you can see list of all partitions 

List of Partitions.png

Installation of base system

It will automatically install the base system. It takes little bit of time to install completely.

Installation of base system .png

Configuring the apt 

It will configure apt packages one after the other in this process.

Configuring the apt.png

Select and install software

 Here it install the Operating System

Select and install software.png

Install the GRUB boot loader

Select the Boot loader

Install the GRUB boot loader.png

Finishing installation

Finishing the installation is the last step in installation.

Finishing installation.png

At last, the system reboots and goes through system initialization. Afterward, a welcome screen appears with SafeSquid(Secure Web Gateway) screen.


SafeSquid(Secure Web Gateway) screen..png

Login to the Server

Login to the server by using the username and password created in previous steps

Login to Safesquid server.png