How does SafeSquid licensing work?

From Secure Web Gateway


SafeSquid SWG is available as annual subscription.

Base Subscription Plans

You may choose any one of the following Base Subscription plans:

  • Named Users
  • Concurrent Connections
  • CPU Hours

Named Users, and Concurrent Connection based subscriptions are annual subscriptions. You may however purchase for multiple consecutive years.

Named Users

Named User Subscription is our standard and legacy offering.
Choose this model if your secure web gateway will serve a nearly fixed set of users.
Named User Subscriptions are available in multiples of 50, like 50 users, 100 users, …., 500 users, etc.
Named User Subscription is ideally suited for business, and enterprise environments.

Concurrent Connections

Concurrent Connection based subscription is based on peak concurrent connections.
Choose this plan if your secure web gateway serves a very large but variable set of users.
Concurrent Connections based subscription is available in the multiples of 1000, like 1000 connections, 2000 connections, 5000 connections, …. 20,000 connections, etc.
Concurrent Connections Subscription is best suited for ISPs, and very large networks.

CPU Hours

CPU Hours based subscription is an innovative pay-as-you-go offering.
Choose this plan to facilitate initial validation of SafeSquid based Secure Web Gateways. Stick to this plan if your financial policies, can accommodate some fluctuations in your annual budgets.
CPU Hours based subscription is based on actual CPU hours of your system, consumed by the SafeSquid service, and does not consider the period of time for which the application was enabled.
CPU Hour Based Subscriptions are available in multiples of 50, like 50 hours, 100 hours, …., 500 hours, etc.

Premium Features Subscription

Premium features, are the optional features not included as a part of the standard set of features. You may opt for one or more of these features, based on your requirement.

Subscription charges for the premium features are a fixed percentage of your Base Subscription.

  • Data Leakage Prevention

Stops confidential data from getting uploaded

  • Support for Roaming (Windows Laptop) users

Web Security client for windows machine, that routes HTTP(S) traffic to SafeSquid.

  • Log Aggregator

Consolidated analytics of user’s web activity from SafeSquid Cluster

  • WCCP

Web Cache Communication Protocol (WCCP) is a Cisco-developed content-routing protocol that provides a mechanism to redirect traffic flows in real-time.