How to block consumer Google accounts

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Block Personal Gmail to ensure Data Security. No sharing of confidential data with personal accounts.You may want to prevent users from signing into Google services using any accounts other than the accounts you provided them with.Auto logout when detected that user is logged into personal Gmail. You can setup SafeSquid to block the access to consumer Google accounts.


Access the SafeSquid User Interface

Corporate gmail (1).PNG


Search policy : "GOOGLE APPLICATION" to Search

Corporate gmail (2).png


Corporate gmail (3).png


Edit policy from policies and profiles to Enable

Corporate gmail (4).png
Corporate gmail (5).png
Corporate gmail (6).png


Edit policy of Header Filter : Insert (To specify domain)

Corporate gmail (7).png


Example : How to specify domain

Gmail (1).PNG

Gmail (2).PNG

Ensure Global Section with Enabled TRUE

Gmail (3).PNG
Gmail (4).PNG
Gmail (5).PNG
Gmail (6).PNG


Verify login on gmail to test

Try login to your personal Gmail account it will show you the below page.