Identify the Filter by using SafeSquid Extended Logs or Detailed Logs

From Secure Web Gateway


Find the filter name which is causing the blocking  of the specific website or Application. Once you find the reason for blocking then you can take an action to allow the website or application


You must have knowledge of Analysis of SafeSquid Logs

Finding from SafeSquid Console

Access the SafeSquid server or console

Run the below command to find the current SafeSquid logs by which the website or the application is blocking  

tail -F /var/log/safesquid/extended/extended.log | grep "\"403\""

the output will display results in the following order: 

"record_id"     "client_id"     "request_id"    "date_time"     "elapsed_time"  "status"        "size"  "upload"        "download"      "bypassed"      "client_ip"     "username"       "method"        "url"   "http_referer"  "useragent"     "mime"  "filter_name"   "filtering_reason"      "interface"     "cachecode"     "peercode"      "peer"  "request_host"   "request_tld"   "referer_host"  "referer_tld"   "range" "time_profiles" "user_groups"   "request_profiles"      "application_signatures"        "categories"    "response_profiles"      "upload_content_types"  "download_content_types"        "profiles"

You can find the filtername on 18th column of SafeSquid Extended logs 

Example :

"15198252557612zPcLB"   "761"   "2"     "28/Feb/2018:19:10:55"  "15"    "403"   "1518"  "0"     "1518"  "FALSE" ""  "anonymous@"        "GET"   ""  ""      "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:58.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/58.0"        "image/jpeg"    "image-filter" "7.194000"      ""    "TCP_DENIED"     "DIRECT"        "safesquid"     ""        ""     ""      ""  "1K-10K"        ""      "ADMINS"        ""       "Firefox Browser,Browsers,Facebook,Social Networking"   "WHITELIST,hi,instantmessaging,my,socialnetworks"       "POTENTIAL MALWARE THREATS,SMALL DOWNLOADS"     "-"     "image/jpeg"     ""

In the above log line :

Is blocked due to the filter  Image filter

Finding from SafeSquid User Interface

If you don't have the access to SafeSquid Server, then you can also find the filtername by using SafeSquid Interface

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