Importing Your SSL Certificate Into Firefox

From Secure Web Gateway


You would need to install SafeSquid SSL certificate in Firefox to allow users to seamlessly browse HTTPS sites.
This article will help you with Installation of SafeSquid SSL Certificate into Mozilla Firefox browser.

Go to Options Menu

Installing SSL Certificate17.png

Select Options Icon


Installing SSL Certificate18.png

Open Advanced Section


Installing SSL certificate19.png



Installing SSL certificate20.png



Installing SSL certificate21.png

Import Certificate


Installing SSL certificate22.png



Installing SSL certificate23.png



Installing SSL certificate24.png



Installing SSL certificate25.png


Note: Make sure you must have enabled HTTPS inspection in SafeSquid User Interface before testing.

While accessing any HTTPS website you can click on Lock icon before website URL in the address bar. It will display the Certificate Authority verified by SafeSquid.

Installing SSL certificate26.png