SafeSquid for Linux SWG safesquid-2019.0206.1745.3-swg-standard released

From Secure Web Gateway


  1. Introduced extra debugging information in client response headers.
    Additional header fields added in response headers for debugging purpose.
  2. Optimization of web server response header profiling.
  3. Display tabulated connection information in logs like output of netstat command for inbound and outbound connections.
  4. Introduced support for SSL session tickets.
    SafeSquid now supports use of SSL session tickets in accepted connections.
    Startup Parameter "USE_SESSION_TICKETS" is set to "0" by default, set it to "1" to enable this feature.
  5. SSL Session Timeouts increased from 6 minutes to 1 Day.
    The SSL sessions now have longer timeouts, to reduce protocol renegotiation.



  1. SafeSquid failed to block downloads of files when policies were created on basis of content type.
    Identified the flaw and fixed it.


New Users? Getting_Started

Download SafeSquid ISO to create your appliance.

Download safesquid-2019.0206.1745.3-swg-standard.tar.gz tarball for up-gradation or If you already have Linux 14.04 machine.