SafeSquid for Linux SWG safesquid-2020.0305.1433.3-swg-standard released

From Secure Web Gateway


  1. Updated URL Categorization Engine
    Updation of URL Categorization (SScore) and Anti-Malware (SvScan) modules required manual intervention.
    Setup now supplants outdated modules automatically.
  2. The names of some web categories have changed.
    Users shall be required to erase references to older category names and use the new names.
    This does not impact the names of the private categories created by the users.
  3. Prevent cloud lookups for bad hostnames
    Defence against emerging Firewall attacking threats.
    SafeSquid now avoids cloud lookup for categorization of ill-formed FQDN requests.


New Users? Getting_Started

Download SafeSquid ISO to create your appliance.

Download safesquid-2020.0305.1433.3-swg-standard.tar.gz tarball for up-gradation or If you already have Linux 14.04 machine.