Setup SafeSquid SWG 2017.1214.1800.4.exe released

From Secure Web Gateway

 Enhancements & Improvements

  1. Modified User Interface.
    Architectural changes in policy creation, entirely profiles driven.
    The dashboard displaying reports and statistical information is completely changed from the previous version.
  2. Optimized TCP congestion control algorithm.
    Ensured implementation of TCP RENO for outgoing connections and TCP CUBIC for incoming connections.
  3. Logging improved to report the actual speed of data transfer.
    Example> debug: network: net_filebuf_read: speed: 7082 bytes in 6.1520 ms [ 1.1512 MBps ]
    debug: network: net_transfer: speed: downloaded from 487 bytes in 116.0000 us [ 4.1983 MBps ]
  4. Integrated latest webfiltering engine.
    Brought in the latest available webfiltering engine which is used for categorization.
  5. Optimization done in HTTPS.
    SSL session resumption implemented. Initial SSL connect will be faster now.
  6. Optimization in memory utilization.
    Optimized various areas to reduce memory consumption.
  7. Improved private categorization security.
    In previous release private categorization implementation was not strict.
    For example when user classified as search category, SafeSquid was classifying websites like as search category too.
    Improved the classification process. Now SafeSquid will classify websites like, as search and not websites like
  8. Updated application and content signatures.


New Users? Getting_Started

For SafeSquid for Windows SWG download setup_safesquid_SWG_2017.1214.1800.4 Package.