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Unable to generate support tarball from SafeSquid Interface : Support Page > Support Tarball


If you are not able to generate support tarball from SafeSquid interface automatically follow below steps.

Go to the this path (location of support_tarball.sh script)

root@sabproxy:~# cd /usr/local/safesquid/ui_root/cgi-bin/
root@sabproxy:/usr/local/safesquid/ui_root/cgi-bin# ll
total 80
drwxrwxr-- 2 ssquid root  4096 Mar 14 11:57 ./
drwxrwxr-- 8 ssquid root  4096 Mar 14 11:57 ../
-rwxrwxr-- 1 ssquid root  1602 Mar 19 16:54 app_template.sh*
-rwxrwxr-- 1 ssquid root   683 Mar 19 16:54 cronentry.sh*
-rwxrwxr-- 1 ssquid root  2542 Mar 19 16:54 kerberos.sh*
-rwxrwxr-- 1 ssquid root 17255 Mar 19 16:54 modify_plot.sh*
-rwxrwxr-- 1 ssquid root  2608 Mar 19 16:54 moniter.sh*
-rwxrwxr-- 1 ssquid root 16869 Mar 19 16:54 plot.sh*
-rwxrwxr-- 1 ssquid root     0 Mar 19 16:54 restart.sh*
-rwxrwxr-- 1 ssquid root   619 Mar 19 16:54 service.sh*
-rwxrwxr-- 1 ssquid root  6193 Mar 19 16:54 support_tarball.sh*
-rwxrwxr-- 1 ssquid root   518 Mar 19 16:54 update.sh*

Here you can see the support_tarball.sh script is available with appropriate permissions.
Once you confirm the availability of support_tarball.sh, move for your requirements.

To generate support tarball manually as below :

Command: ./support_tarball.sh

Go to the below path and run above command

root@swg:/usr/local/safesquid/ui_root/cgi-bin# ./support_tarball.sh
2018-06-18::18:06:24.437971402  Creating folder: safesquid-2018-06-18-18-06-24 to contain relevant files and information for support
2018-06-18::18:06:24.445054777  Copying last 5000 lines of /var/log/safesquid/native/safesquid.log to safesquid-2018-06-18-18-06-24/safesquid_logs/safesquid.log
2018-06-18::18:06:24.868917174  Copying last 5000 lines of /var/log/safesquid/extended/extended.log to safesquid-2018-06-18-18-06-24/safesquid_logs/extended.log
2018-06-18::18:06:24.884119250  Copying last 5000 lines of /var/log/safesquid/performance/performance.log to safesquid-2018-06-18-18-06-24/safesquid_logs/performance.log
2018-06-18::18:06:24.935809437  Copying last 5000 lines of /var/log/monit.log to safesquid-2018-06-18-18-06-24/system_logs/monit.log
2018-06-18::18:06:24.969476836  Getting sysctl information into safesquid-2018-06-18-18-06-24/sysctl.txt
2018-06-18::18:06:25.142134567  Getting the Information about Network Interfaces into safesquid-2018-06-18-18-06-24/network.txt
2018-06-18::18:06:25.159857810  Getting the Information about Network Routing Table into safesquid-2018-06-18-18-06-24/network.txt
2018-06-18::18:06:25.174699658  Getting the Network Statistics into safesquid-2018-06-18-18-06-24/network.txt
2018-06-18::18:06:25.193097377  Getting iptables NAT Configuration into safesquid-2018-06-18-18-06-24/iptables.txt
2018-06-18::18:06:25.535699750  Getting iptables MANGLE Configuration into safesquid-2018-06-18-18-06-24/iptables.txt
2018-06-18::18:06:25.542781878  Getting iptables FILTER Configuration into safesquid-2018-06-18-18-06-24/iptables.txt
2018-06-18::18:06:25.549963671  Getting Disk Partitions Information into safesquid-2018-06-18-18-06-24/filesystem.txt
Disk /dev/mapper/swg--vg-root doesn't contain a valid partition table
Disk /dev/mapper/swg--vg-swap_1 doesn't contain a valid partition table
Disk /dev/mapper/swg--vg-opt+safesquid doesn't contain a valid partition table
Disk /dev/mapper/swg--vg-var+lib+safesquid doesn't contain a valid partition table
Disk /dev/mapper/swg--vg-usr+local+safesquid doesn't contain a valid partition table
Disk /dev/mapper/swg--vg-var+lib doesn't contain a valid partition table
Disk /dev/mapper/swg--vg-var+log doesn't contain a valid partition table
Disk /dev/mapper/swg--vg-var+cache+safesquid doesn't contain a valid partition table
Disk /dev/mapper/swg--vg-var+log+safesquid doesn't contain a valid partition table
Disk /dev/mapper/swg--vg-var+db+safesquid doesn't contain a valid partition table
2018-06-18::18:06:25.597927995  Getting Disk Usage Information into safesquid-2018-06-18-18-06-24/filesystem.txt
2018-06-18::18:06:25.612231349  Getting Disk inode Usage Information into safesquid-2018-06-18-18-06-24/filesystem.txt
2018-06-18::18:06:25.616382197  Getting File System Mount Information into safesquid-2018-06-18-18-06-24/filesystem.txt
2018-06-18::18:06:25.756065687  Getting Kernel Information into safesquid-2018-06-18-18-06-24/systeminfo.txt
2018-06-18::18:06:25.760061018  Getting CPU information into safesquid-2018-06-18-18-06-24/systeminfo.txt
2018-06-18::18:06:25.774230478  Getting Memory Information into safesquid-2018-06-18-18-06-24/systeminfo.txt
2018-06-18::18:06:25.777545658  Getting ram memory into safesquid-2018-06-18-18-06-24/systeminfo.txt
2018-06-18::18:06:25.788885128  Creating the tar-ball for sending to SafeSquid Technical Support
2018-06-18::18:06:26.008801780  Extracted contents of the support tar-ball may be confirmed from safesquid-2018-06-18-18-06-24

The support tarball will generate at below path

root@swg:/var/log/safesquid/support# ll
total 636
drwxrwxr-- 2 ssquid root   4096 Jun 18 18:06 ./
drwxrwxr-- 9 ssquid root   4096 Jun 11 16:29 ../
-rw-r--r-- 1 ssquid root 642727 Jun 18 18:06 safesquid-2018-06-18-18-06-24.tar.gz