Use Corporate CA with SafeSquid

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  • Access the Self-Service Portal from SafeSquid website
  • Then login with your credentials
  • Home page contains your Activation key details
  • Then click on Manage Certificates tab
  • If this is the first SSL Certificate generation for SafeSquid, click on Generate
  • If you have already generated an SSL certificate for SafeSquid, click on Re-Generate
  • Note: Re-generation of certificates will replace the existing certificates
  • By default – Generate Self-Signed certificates is selected, change that to Upload Enterprise CA
  • Step 1:
  • Then browse your corporate CA private key file,
  • Note: File containing only PrivateKey is acceptable. File containing   both PublicKey and PrivateKey or only PublicKey will be considered Invalid.
  • Step 2:
  • If the uploaded PrivateKey has been encrypted with a Passphrase, select the option Have Passphrase. Type the Passphrase and Validate Private key
  • If the uploaded PrivateKey does not have any Passphrase, choose Does not have passphrase and Validate Private key
  • On successful validation of the uploaded PrivateKey
  • If you want to use the same Passphrase that was used to generate your existing Corporate CA, choose Retain Passphrase andUpload Key
  • Else chooseDo Not Retain Passphrase and give a new Passphrase andUpload Key.
  • You will see prompt regarding upload status whether successful or not.
  • Then click on download icon to download your certificate.
  • Install this certificate in client browsers.
  • Step 3:
  • Access the SafeSquid interface and go to support and click on refresh subscription details or restart SafeSquid service
  • Then configure your HTTPS inspection on SafeSquid interface
  • Now, access Any HTTPS website and verify the HTTPS Certificate information
  • Debugging:
  • If you are facing any issues,  then access the SafeSquid server and run the below commands:
  • cd /var/db/safesquid/ssl
  • rm -rf */*
  • Restart the browser
  • Then access any website and check your certificate
  • Further any issues please contact SafeSquid support at