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  1. The company policy is all the websites which are comes under social network category are blocked for all the employees but company wants to white list few social networking websites.We add those websites in whitelist category but still while accessing that shows block template.
  2. I want to allow our corporate website so I have done necessary configuration for whitelisting, still our employees not able to access our corporate website.


You need to add your corporate website to the whitelist category from Categorize Web-sites section under Custom Settings from SafeSquid UI.

Refer  below link

Allow specific website through SafeSquid


  1. Access the SafeSquid interface 
  2. Go to configure page 
  3. Go to Categorize Web-sites section under Custom Settings and search website/domain from search for category option.
  4. Modify that website with whitelist category. (whitelist is a custom category which is made to allow blocked websites)
  5. Go to Access profiles for default policy and verify weather the policy is enable or not.(Make is enabled)

Follow LINK for more information "Allow white list websites for all users and give exceptions from blocking policies.Use Categorize web-sites to Create and add websites to the white list category".