Mail Integration with Reporting Module

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Before you get started with this guide, you have to complete some basic steps.

First, we'll assume that you have an access of SafeSquid server.

We are also assuming that you've Reporting Module set up. You can follow this guide to Setup Reporting Module and come back.


Mail Integration

Change directory to /usr/local/safesquid/api

Command:cd /usr/local/safesquid/api

Open config.ini from SafeSquid console

Command:vim config.ini

Find mail_details block and fill the mailing details. Refer the below table while filling the details.

useremail Sender Email Address
userpaaswd Password of the Sender Email
smtpserver FQDN/IP of your SMTP server
smtpport Port on which your SMTP server is listening on
toaddr Reciever Email Addresses
ccinfo Email addresses to cc, if any

Important Notes

  • All the fields are mandatory except ccinfo. Set the value as none if you would like to leave the field empty.
  • toaddr and ccinfo can have comma separated values
  • Leaving any of the fields empty would lead to malfunctioning of the Reporting Module. So make sure to set the value as none for empty fields.


The mail has been scheduled to be sent at 7am everyday using a cronjob which is configured automatically while installing the Reporting Module as shown below.

0  7     * * * root /bin/bash   /usr/local/safesquid/api/

The cronjob can be modified to reschedule the mailing as per your requirement by editing the file /etc/crontab