Setup Reporting Module

From Secure Web Gateway

Advantages of Reporting Module over the default Dashboard:

  • Reduced Data Processing time
  • More detailed reports
  • Hour-wise reports
  • More filtering options
  • Deeper data analysis
  • An automated data mining engine
  • Exportable reports to PDF and Excel formats

Install Module

Navigate to src folder by running

cd /usr/local/src

Now download the tarball as


Untar it by running the below command

tar -xvzf reporting_latest.tar.gz

Change directory to report

cd report

Now run the setup file


Generate Reports

On successfull installtion, change directory to /usr/local/safesquid/api

cd /usr/local/safesquid/api

Run the below command to generate reports for a particular day

./ -d <date>

Eg: ./ -d 20.05.2017

Run the below command to generate reports between a date range

./ -s <start date> -e <end date>

Eg: ./ -s 05.05.2017 -e 20.05.2017

Note: Date format should be in

Eg : 03.08.1990

View Reports

Open your favourite browser and set SafeSquid, for which you generated the reports in step 2, as the proxy.

Now open the URL http://safesquid.cfg/report/index.html

Now, you are looking at today’s reports.

If reports for today were not generated in the step 2, the reports page will be blank.

So use the date picker to view the reports that were generated in the step 2.