Add SafeSquid server DNS entry in your Active Directory Server

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Validate that IP of all our systems are resolvable by our DNS provider

Here for example my Proxy Host name : sabproxy and my Domain : safesquid.test

Add the Linux host name " sabproxy " as a New Host in the DNS server's configuration such that it's FQDN automatically defaults to sabproxy.safesquid.test as shown

Go to Active Directory

ADD DNSSlide1 (1).PNG


Go to DNS Manager

ADD DNSSlide1 (2).PNG


Add New Host

ADD DNSSlide1 (3).PNG
ADD DNSSlide1 (4).PNG
ADD DNSSlide1 (5).PNG


Restart DNS Service

ADD DNSSlide1 (6).PNG
ADD DNSSlide1 (7).PNG