Allow remote applications to particular users

From Secure Web Gateway


For security reasons you blocked all the traffic to all users. But some of the users in your network need to access remote applications. Using SafeSquid you can allow specific users in your network to access remote applications


How it works?

When user trying to access remote application software, First SafeSquid checks for that user and decide whether this user is allowed to access remote application or not, if yes then SafeSquid gives access to that user, before giving the access it will check for user-agent or website which you added in Custom Settings > Request types section. If the access allowed to both users and application, then only  user can able to access that application. If the user Samidha wants access of xyz application, but she is trying to access abc application, SafeSquid will block to user Samidha.

How to Allow Remote Applications?

Allow anydesk 

How to create policy without Application Signature

Remote applications are already categorized in the SafeSquid Application Signatures. First you need to check whether the Application is categorized or not 

  • If application is not categorized under default Application Signatures, find User-agent using SafeSquid's extended logs or any other traffic capturing tool.
  • Add that User-agent or websites into Request Types
  • Bind that created user group and Request Type in Access Profiles and decide whether to block or allow