Bind Configuration with SafeSquid

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Installation procedure for  bind in ubuntu

1.Install bind with the command

apt-get install bind9 bind9utils

Then edit the configuration files in bind directory :named.conf.options and named.conf

cd /etc/bind/

vim  named.conf.options

change the below options to the values shown here

 dnssec-validation no;
 listen-on {;};

        auth-nxdomain no;    # conform to RFC1035
        //listen-on-v6 { any; };

vim named.conf

comment the below line

#include "/etc/bind/named.conf.local";

Add below line at the end of the file

include "/etc/bind/safesquid.dns.conf";

2.Restart bind9 service run with the command

/etc/init.d/bind9 restart
 * Starting domain name service... bind9                                 [ OK ]