Deploy SafeSquid Behind Corporate Proxy

From Secure Web Gateway


Use SafeSquid in front of the corporate proxy. A simple configuration in SafeSquid server, will forward all client requests to the forward proxy i.e. Parent Proxy.

Example scenarios:

Proxy chain scenaios.png Here am using two proxy servers as SafeSquid only

My client(Browser)'s network IP -

My Child Proxy's network IP - ( with no direct internet Access)

My Parent Proxy's network IP -

Configuration on child proxy :

1.Deploy SafeSquid proxy 
2.Enabling SSL inspection in SafeSquid
3.Downloading ROOT CA certificate from SafeSquid 
4.Deploy certificate in client browsers.
5.Enable forwarding to parent proxy using forwarding section 

Configuration on Parent proxy :

Deploy SafeSquid, it is up and running, No extra configuration required in parent proxy


Enable HTTPS inspection on child proxy ( if you want,on Parent proxy also). Check our document to configure HTTPS inspection on SafeSquid - How to configure HTTPS inspection 

Import SafeSquid child proxy ROOT CA in client browser 

Note : No configuration required on Parent Proxy server. Just deploy the parent proxy and make sure that it is up and  running.

Access The SafeSquid User Interface

Go to Configure 

Go to configure page.png

Go to Application Setup


Go to Application setup.png

Go to Proxy chain


Go to proxy chain .png

Enable Global section 


Proxy chain5.png



Proxy chain6.png



Proxy chain7.png

Go to Forwarding proxies


Proxy chain8.png

Add an entry 


Proxy chain9.png



Proxy chain10.png



Proxy chain11.png



Enter upstream proxy IP.png


In the example : my upstream proxy ip :

Proxy chain12.png



Proxy chain13.png


In example : my upstream proxy listening on port 8080

Proxy chain14.png



Proxy chain15.png



Proxy chain16.png



Proxy chain17.png



Proxy chain18.png



Proxy chain19.png



Proxy chain20.png



Proxy chain21.png

Save configuration


Save config final.png


When you click on Save config, it will give a prompt for asking the confirmation to store your configuration  into the cloud. 
Select Yes only in below cases:
  • if you want to use this same       configuration in other SafeSquid instances.
  • if your total configuration in all sections is completed and validated. 

Otherwise select No and click on submit.