Do Bandwidth Management With Limits

From Secure Web Gateway


SafeSquid Limits feature allows you to define the bandwidth limits on Download size, Upload size and Download speed. This document helps you to configure the above three features.


If you are downloading files from HTTPS websites, then make sure that HTTPS Inspection in SafeSquid is enabled

Access The SafeSquid User Interface

Go to configure --> Restriction policies --> Speed Limits

The home page will see same as below










How Default Entries work

  • First entry is created to setup the download speed at which the users allowed to download the files

          See More about Setup Download Speed At which the files need to download

  • Second entry is created to setup the limit on the download size. If the file is greater than the download transfer limit, then it gets blocked by SafeSquid

         See More about Setup Maximum limit on the Download size

  • Third entry is created to setup the upload limit on upload size. If the uploading file size is greater than upload transfer limit, then the upload gets blocked by SafeSquid.

        See More about Setup Maximum limit on the Upload size