Elevated Privacy

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Use Elevated Privacy to protect privacy activity across different websites.

Otherwise third-party cookies will be tracking your activities.

Example : When you are surfing internet by logging into any of your accounts like Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Online Banking…etc. your activities will be tracked by third party and referral domains.




Enable or Disable this section

  • TRUE : Enable strict privacy and third party cookies blocking.
  • FALSE : Disable strict privacy and third party cookies blocking.

Elevated policies


Create the Policies for Elevated Privacy.

ALL The Following Entries will be tested from top to bottom.

Click on Add below, to add a new entry.

Example: After enabling this section and creating a policy, you are unable to logging into websites with third-party account details like, you are unable to login into flipkart or amazon with Facebook or Gmail accounts.


Enable or Disable this entry

  • TRUE : Enable this entry
  • FALSE : Disable this entry


For documentation, and future references, explainthe relevance of this entry with your policies.


Specify the Profiles applicable for this entry.

This entry will be applicable only if the connection has any one of the specified profiles.

Leave it Blank, to apply for all connections irrespective of any applied profile.

To avoid application to a connection that has a profile, use negated profile (!profile).

Privacy Levels

Apply 'Privacy Level' as per your requirement.

Caution: If you select 'Paranoid' level privacy, it may cause problems for web servers which give response based on User-Agent.

  • NOT_REQUIRED : Select this if you want to disable ‘Elevated Privacy’.
  • LOW : Select this, if you want to block Third-Party Cookies only.
  • STANDARD : Select this, if you want block Third-Party Cookies and hide the HTTP & HTTPS referer.
  • PARANOID : Select this, if you want block Third-Party Cookies and hide the HTTP & HTTPS referer and also hide different User Agents.