How to block virus uploads and downloads

From Secure Web Gateway

Client Scenario

You might download a file containing a virus during an e-commerce session. 
To protect your network from these threats,SvScan is the inbuilt module in SafeSquid that protects users against malware. ClamAV and ICAP are secondary servers provided along with SvScan. You can integrate your clamAV and ICAP servers also for virus scanning.

Note: Make sure that SSL Inspection is enabled before using SvScan for scanning for malware. It enables the HTTPS sites also for scanning the malicious content.


Access the SafeSquid User Interface

SvScan (1).png

Two Options to reach SvScan Section

Go via Search Option orGo from side bar

SvScan (2).PNG
SvScan (3).png
SvScan (4).png


Ensure Section with Enabled TRUE

SvScan (5).PNG

Follow the given link for more details

Download and Upload virus file to test

Go to  and download any virus file you should get blocked template.