Management of Self-Service Portal

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The SafeSquid Self-Service Portal is the cloud-based management console for your SafeSquid Installations.
The SafeSquid Self-Service Portal enables you to easily manage common properties across all your installations like.

The SafeSquid Self-Service Portal Manages an activities like:

  • SafeSquid cloud-backed features
  • Custom Web Categorization
  • Web Security Clients for Roaming users (VPN)
  • Confidential Data Signatures
  • Subscription management, etc.


Manage Key

Administer the usage of your Activation key

You can deactivate your unused instances.

For more details Manage Your Activation Key

Manage Custom Web-Site Categorization

Administer Custom Web-Site Categorization

  • Create custom Categories
  • Modify Website Categorization
  • Bulk Addition of Web-sites to a Custom Category
  • Audit your custom categorization

The Self-Service Portal enables you to easily apply the custom categorization automatically across all your SafeSquid installations, both existing, and those that you may need to set up in future.

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Manage SSL Trusted Root Certificate Authority

The SafeSquid Self-Service Portal enables you to manage Trusted Root CA across all your SafeSquid Installations.

You can Generate Self Signed Certificate, or upload your existing Enterprise CA

Read More about SSL certificates from Self Service Portal

Manage Web Security Client

SafeSquid Web Security Client is a VPN based solution to enforce the Internet Use Policies for Laptop Users. The Self-Service Portal enables you to easily manage the clients.

Read more about: Manage VPN settings of Web Security Client

Manage Confidential Data Signatures

SafeSquid's DLP (Data Leakage Prevention) module, enables you to prevent upload of documents and files containing confidential data.
The Self-Service Portal enables you to specify the patterns to search. Your SafeSquid installations will automatically use these patterns and enforce your policies.

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