SafeSquid for Linux SWG safesquid-2019.0806.1738.3-swg-standard released

From Secure Web Gateway


  1. Added factors for reliable creation of Application Signatures.
  2. Users can override Application Signatures with Custom Request Types.
  3. Increased session cache clean cycle to 8 days.
  4. Detect client closure when retrying a failed connection to remote web server.
  5. Prioritize threads - listen_and_accept threads get high priority, request handling thread gets mid-priority, and threads handling clientpool and serverpool get low priority.
  6. Prevent repeated logging when client stops writing but is still waiting to get data from web server.
  7. Introduced a delay of 100ms when retrying in event of DNS resolution failure.
  8. Improved detection of closed or hung connections.



  1. Memory leak when SSL clients close connection, in events of blocking, before the template is served.
  2. Incorrect detection of private categories.
  3. Restored support for automatic retry if remote web server drops connection before receiving request headers.


New Users? Getting_Started

Download SafeSquid ISO to create your appliance.

Download safesquid-2019.0806.1738.3-swg-standard.tar.gz tarball for up-gradation or If you already have Linux 14.04 machine.