SafeSquid for Linux SWG safesquid-2020.0131.1457.3-swg-standard released

From Secure Web Gateway


  1. SafeSquid now handles content-encoding gzip and deflate in POST requests.
    More Web2.0 applications now use this method to reduce network bandwith.
    SafeSquid now decompresses such uploads to enforce upload policies implemented in the DLP section, and Image Filter section.
  2. SafeSquid now analyzes and stores the mime-type of POST data, when it splits the multipart mime, preventing repeated call for mime-type checking.
    This should make DLP usage more efficient.


  1. Vulnerability patched in Base64 decoding function that caused abnormal termination, when parsing ill-formed Base64 data.
    A vulnerabilty was detected in the sub-routine that analyzed base64 encoded POST data.
    This could cause ill-formed base64 POST data to crash SafeSquid process.
    This has now been fixed.


New Users? Getting_Started

Download SafeSquid ISO to create your appliance.

Download safesquid-2020.0131.1457.3-swg-standard.tar.gz tarball for up-gradation or If you already have Linux 14.04 machine.