Bypass HTTPS Inspection by using Request Types

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The HTTPS inspection Bypass option enables you to define specific websites that are not subject to decryption as they flow through the proxy. Some websites may include personal identification information that should not be decrypt. In order to avoid liability for inspecting this type of information, you may want to specify some or all of these sites for decryption bypass. The selected sites will not be decrypt even if the category or categories that the sites belong to are selected for SSL analysis.

To bypass HTTPS Inspection enabled SafeSquid default configuration

Access the SafeSquid User Interface

BypassSSL1 (1).png

BypassSSL1 (2).png

Search policy : "BYPASS SSL INSPECTION" to Search

BypassSSL1 (3).png


Edit policy to Enable as TRUE (Inspection Policies)

BypassSSL1 (4).png
BypassSSL1 (5).png
BypassSSL1 (6).png


Edit policies and profiles to Enable as TRUE

BypassSSL1 (7).png


How to create new policy to bypass HTTPS Inspection



Go to Request Types

BypassSSLSlide1 (10).png
BypassSSLSlide1 (11).png
BypassSSLSlide1 (11).png
BypassSSLSlide1 (12).png
BypassSSLSlide1 (13).png


Go to  Access Policies

BypassSSLSlide1 (14).png
BypassSSLSlide1 (15).png
BypassSSLSlide1 (16).png

Note: Configure Proxy settings in drop box and upload/download files to validate the working