Categorize Web-Sites

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Use Categorize websites to Manage Web-Site Categorization.

Review and modify the categorization of any website.

You can also create new categories, and associate web-sites with those categories.

To Modify a web-site's categorization, you must first use the search box to view its existing categorization.

It will show you the details of Total Number of Categories, Last updated and last changed.

Advantages Of Custom Web Categorization

Access SafeSquid interface

Go to configure page

AllowsitescategorySlide1 (2).PNG

Go to Custom Settings : Categorize Web-sites


Here you can edit or modify the previously existed category of any website.

Search for category

Here you can find the category of any website in which it is categorized.

Enter the website/domain name in the search box and click on the search button, dialog box of Categories will appear below. In this dialog box you will get a category list(comma separated) in which it is categorized.

AllowcustomcategorySlide1 (3).PNG

Add your website to the custom category

AllowcustomcategorySlide1 (4).PNG
AllowsitescategorySlide1 (5).PNG

Follow below link for more understanding

Allow specific website through SafeSquid

Block specific website through SafeSquid


Upload websites file

Here you can upload a file, which should contain the list of websites and add the category to that websites.

Example : search for

It will display: news, portals, search engines

Make one text file with list of websites and Upload that file and add the category, then check the website from that file by search its category, it shows the category added by you.


Follow below link for more understanding

Create And Manage your Private Categories