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Facebook is a social networking website that allows users to interact with other users in a multimedia environment on the Web. Facebook users can install and use applications to enhance their experience. Many organizations want to allow Facebook access to maintain morale, increase retention, and boost hiring, but they also want to control access to it.
Facebook is not an evil of itself by any means. People are social animals, and the Social Network is indeed an intrinsic part of every day life for about 800 million people around the world. A friend found his dogs within 6 hours of them going missing, through a chain of events started with a Facebook post, so it can certainly be a force for good.

Numerous reports of cyberbullying, facebook stalking and the friend who got 'facebook fired' for posting something false/untrue, understandably put organisations and instituions on risk.
Unrestricted access to facebook is out of the question for many organisations, and no access at all is a blanket solution. Is there a middleground?
Home users and IT managers using SafeSquid SWG Edition are able to switch Facebook into "read-only" mode.
SafeSquid allows you to give full Facebook access to your social media group, partial access to a customer service group, and read-only access to other groups. Access to Facebook can also be assigned by time of day, so permissions could be relaxed during lunch or after business hours.

Facebook Read only mode

Understand the possibilities

  • Restricted Like, comment and share.
  • Blocking selective Facebook apps.
  • Allow Facebook login only to specific user or group of users.
  • Block Facebook chat.


HTTPS Inspection should be enabled in SafeSquid. If not enabled, you can check our document - How to enable HTTPS Inspection

Access the SafeSquid User Interface

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Search policy : "FACEBOOK READ ONLY MODE" to Search

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Edit policies and profiles to Enable as TRUE

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Access FACEBOOK  to verify

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