Generation of Support tarball

From Secure Web Gateway


Bob is facing some issues while configuring policies on SafeSquid SWG. Also he found crash while doing the same.


Network related issue or issue related policy configuration can be rectified by generating support tarball. It requires SafeSquid logs, Section information, System logs, Config.xml file, Disk Usage information inside filesystem.txt file, iptable rules if any, network setting inside network.txt file, etc.

You can also take backup of your existing configuration by generating a support tarball through SafeSquid interface.


  • Installation of SafeSquid
  • Activation of SafeSquid

 Access the SafeSquid User Interface

Go to Support Page

TbSlide1 (1).png


Click on Support Tarball

TbSlide1 (2).png

Generate New Support tarball

TbSlide1 (3).png


TbSlide1 (4).png





Download and Extract Support Tarball

Stb (6).PNG

In upcoming releases you will get options to setup mail alerts.So whenever SafeSquid will create new support tarball on every crash and send it to SafeSquid servers you should get mail alerts on your registered email ID.