How To Setup Password Authentication To Access SafeSquid Interface

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Access the SafeSquid User Interface 

Go to Configure


SafeSquid comes with sample policy, helping you in policy creation.

In SafeSquid sample policies " Enable interface access through authentication " policy  is already present. You have to just enable that policies, so that it becomes applicable.

Click on 'Configure' which is at top right of the SafeSquid Interface.

Go to Application Setup

Creating user groups based on LDAP3.png

Go to Access Restrictions

Creating user groups based on LDAP4.png

Go to Allow List


Creating user groups based on LDAP6.png

Enabled the policy as TRUE 

Interface auth1.jpg


Close the interface as well as browser and access SafeSquid Interface

It will ask for authentication prompt.

Interface auth2.jpg

Enter Username and Password and Click on Login button.You should get access of SafeSquid interface.

Interface auth3.jpg

Note: After configuring above policy please click on Save config button which is placed at right bottom.