How to Activate a SafeSquid Instance

From Secure Web Gateway


You must Activate a SafeSquid Instance before using it to access the web. For Activating SafeSquid Instance you must have to do proxy setting inside the browser. Then only you can Access SafeSquid Instance.


You must registered on SafeSquid website to get activation key. if you already have the activation key follow the below steps to activate SafeSquid.

Access SafeSquid Interface

Proxy setup new.png

For more details - How to set the proxy in the browser




When your accessing the interface for the first time, it will ask you to upload your activation key

Upload Activation key


Activate safesquid2.png



Activate safesquid 3.png



Activate safesquid 4.png


Validate Product Activation

Activate safesquid 5.png



Activate safesquid 6.png





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