How to allow social networking sites in lunch hours

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Most of network administrators are able to access and track anything employees do on their computer. Most of the employees waste their time on social network sites. This can damage not only employment status, but employees reputation also. In most of the organization to limit the distraction employers choose to block social media access for the employees. Many organizations/companies prohibit access to social networking sites on thier network computers because they believe such access leads to decreased productivity. Nowadays social media is an addiction, which can consume unproductive time of employees.

But nowadays some organization wants their employee be happy and want to give some privilege and benefit to some or all of the employees. It is possible to allow social media at work with boundaries that satisfy both the employee and employer. So they make policies such that social networking sites allowed to be access in lunch hours.


  • HTTPS Inspection should be enabled in SafeSquid. If not enabled, you can check our document - How to enable HTTPS Inspection
  • Make sure SScore section is enabled as TRUE (Application setup >> SScore )

Access the SafeSquid User Interface

Social Lunch (1).png

Click on Search Icon situated on bottom right corner of SafeSquid WebGUI to find the keyword or profile name.

Social Lunch (2).PNG


Search default policy : LUNCH

Enter the LUNCH into the value field of dialog box appeared on the screen and click on search button.

Social Lunch (3).png

Your default policy for LUNCH profile will be shown on Time Profile section.

Go to Time Profiler

Open the default policy from Time Profiler section having LUNCH profile. 

Social Lunch (4).PNG


Edit LUNCH policy

Modify your lunch time (In Hour Range and Minute Range) accordingly and save the policy.

Social Lunch (5).png


Also ensure Global part of Time Profiler Section is Enabled with TRUE.

Social Lunch (6).PNG
By default Global Part of Time Profiler is FALSE.
Social Lunch (7).png

Save the policy after making Global part of Time Profiler as TRUE.
Social Lunch (8).PNG

Go to Access Profiles

Open Access Profiles from Restriction Policies side menu.

Social Lunch (9).png


Create New Policy

Create new policy under Access Profiles section for incorporation of default LUNCH profile from Time Profiler section.

Social Lunch (10).PNG

Select the default Category Socialnetworks from Categories Field.
Social Lunch (11).png

You need to select ALLOW in Action field to allow Social Networking sites in lunch hours.
Social Lunch (12).PNG

You need to specify unique profile name inside Added Profiles field. Here we have specified SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE in Added Profiles field.
Click on top right Icon to save the policy.
Social Lunch (13).PNG


Access Social Networking Sites in LUNCH Time

To test the scenario try to access social networking sites during Lunch Hours you will be allowed to access it freely.

Apart from your mentioned Lunch Time rest of the time you should get BLOCK Template when you access the social networking sites.