Integrate Active Directory For Simple Authentication

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Here i am integrating my Active Directory with following information. 

Active Directory FQDN : ad.safesquid.test

IP Address :

Domain of Active Directory : safesquid.test

Base Dn : dc=safesquid,dc=test

User Name : administrator@safesquid.test

See more about Integrate LDAP section, here we explained the working of each field in the Integrate LDAP section. 


Make sure that all the values (LDAP server FQDN, LDAP server IP, Username, password, base dn, domain ) in configuration are correct. If any value is wrong SafeSquid will fail to fetch the entries.

Access the SafeSquid User Interface

AD integration common1.png


Go to Application Setup


AD integration common2.png


Go to Integrate LDAP 


AD integration common3.png



AD integration common4.png


Ensure LDAP Section is enabled


AD integration common5.png



AD integration common6.png



AD integration common7.png


Goto LDAP servers


AD integration common8.png


Create the New entry


AD integration common9.png



Simple auth 10.png



Simple auth 11.png



Simple auth 12.png



Simple auth 13.png



Simple auth 14.png



Simple auth15.png



Simple auth16.png



Simple auth17.png



Simple auth18.png



Simple auth19.png



Simple auth20.png



Simple auth21.png


Test User Extraction 


Simple auth22.png



Simple auth23.png

Save Configuration 


Simple auth24.png

When you click on Save config, it will give a prompt for asking the confirmation to store your configuration  into the cloud. 
Select Yes only in below cases:
  • if you want to use this same       configuration in other SafeSquid instances.
  • if your total configuration in all sections is completed and validated. 

Otherwise select No and click on submit.

Enable authentication for LDAP users

Read more about  Enable authentication for LDAP users


  1. LDAP entries are not fetched
  2. Authentication is not working