Debug The Specific Issue

From Secure Web Gateway


Product Activation Failed 

Interface access blocked- Access Denied

SSL certificate  downloaded  with  zero  size  OR  unable  to  download  SSL  certificate

LDAP entries are not fetched

Disk space and RAM is full on SafeSquid server

Connection failure to websites

Website blocked with Text analyzer

Website blocked with image analyzer

White listed website is blocked

Category update is not working

Do Android proxy settings apply to all apps on the device

Application not working with Authentication

Application not working with HTTPS inspection

Internet is slow

Unable to login to specific website

Unable to upgrade to the latest version

Getting an error Proxy server refusing connections

Authentication is not working

Unable to generate Support Tar-ball

Unable to generate Performance plot

Not displaying anything in Reports Page

DNS failure

SSL certification errors

Load on server is increased

Master-slave configuration is not working

Cloud restore is not working

Not writing into the database

Validate corporate CA

Transparent proxy

Unable to open any website

HTTPS inspection is not working

How to setup transparent proxy for other protocols

ISO installation issues

Reverse Proxy

Certificate  manageability